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Frisian Grammar - The basics

Jan Popkema



This book teaches you the grammatical rules of Frisian in a joyable and effective way.

The presentation of these rules is well-ordered and transparent. The left-hand pages present grammatical information, which you can then put into practice on the opposite pages by means of illustrative exercises. The keys to these exercises are to be found at the end of the book.

This basic grammar’s systematic design and it’s register do not only make it very suitable for learning or brushing up the rules of Frisian, but also for reference purposes.

This Frisian Grammar more-over provides an introduction describing the history of the Frisian language and the current situation of Frisian in the Netherlands.

Jan Popkema studied Frisian and Dutch. His professional activities include teaching Dutch, working as a lexicographer for the Frisian Academy, and the directorship of the Frisian and Dutch teacher training courses.

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