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Learn it yourself, Understanding Frisian - Lear it dysels, Frysk ferstean

Auke de Haan



This is the second Learn it yourself’ Frisian book. You might want to call this a follow up version of the first book. This book is going much and much deeper into the Frisian language. So only buy this if you have reached a decent level of Frisian, otherwise this book might be way too hard for you. The book teaches you to read articles, to understand sentences, to write Frisian, to write numbers, to make questions, to recognize mistakes and you also have the chance to test your Frisian speech.

The book is challenging and it might take you a while to complete all the exercises. There are also fun word search puzzles in this book. The book is just like the other book linked with an online page where you can listen to audio files. These audio files help you with doing the exercises. Having a notebook and pen nearby is going to be helpful!

Author : Auke de Haan ISBN : 9788788533735 New label : 1 Pages : 150 Language : Fries Engels Publisher : De Fryske Wrâld/The Frisian World Format : Softcover Categorie: , , .